About Maria

Maria West

Maria West Real Estate Consultant

In 2015, Maria and her family left the big city life of Phoenix, Arizona and settled in the beautiful, quiet town of Cassville, Missouri. She and her husband started a successful business serving the area before Maria decided to further her adventure by becoming a real estate agent. Since Maria has completed a number of cross-country relocations, she is very experienced in all of the various aspects associated with a relocation and understands how stressful of a time that can be.

Maria joined the military after high school and completed her time way back in 2003. She was an active duty Marine and then joined the Michigan Air National Guard for a couple of years. After her military service, she worked at a university in Arizona for a decade. During that time, she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Maria is a highly organized individual who has significant experience in effective and meaningful communication with individuals from all walks of life.

Maria is a dedicated and hardworking individual who has a knack for adapting to whatever circumstances there may be. She has a passion for helping people find a home that fits their family. She believes that a home is more than just four walls… The right property will soothe you and care for you as you care for it.